Queenborough School & Nursery believes that full attendance and punctuality are essential in making sure that each child achieves his or her full potential. Quite simply if a child is not in school, they cannot learn.

  • The school day starts at 8.40am. However, children can go straight to their class from 8.20am.
  • The register is taken from this time and closes at 9.00am. 
  • If a child arrives after 9.00am they are registered as an unauthorised absence for the morning session.
  • School finishes at 3.10pm.

100% Attendance allows a child to access a full and varied curriculum, as well as developing their social skills and friendships.

  • At the end of each month certificates are awarded to all children who have achieved 100% attendance.
  • At the end of the school year, children who have achieved 100% attendance for the whole year are awarded with a certificate and a small prize and are also entered into the annual Attendance Raffle.

Weekly Best Timekeepers

The Best Time Keepers Award is presented to the class who have the most children arriving on time over the week. In Key Stage 1 (YrR-2) the class with the Best Time Keepers each week is visited by Punctuality Pup.

KS1 – Term 2
Week Ending:  04/11/16Silver Class
Week Ending:  11/11/16Gold Class
 Week Ending: 18/11/16 Gold Class
 Week Ending: 25/11/16 Gold Class
Week Ending: 02/12/16 Gold, Blue & Orange Class
Week Ending:  
KS2 – Term 2
Week Ending:  04/11/16Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 11/11/16Green, Jade, Purple & Ebony Class
Week Ending: 18/11/16 Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 25/11/16 Green Class
Week Ending: 02/12/16 Jade & Turquoise Class
Week Ending:  

Awesome Attenders 

Each week, there is an assembly to celebrate the ‘Awesome Attenders’. The Award  is presented to the class with the best attendance of the week. Awesome Attenders Award posters are displayed around the school showing which class is the winner.

  • The Awesome Attenders Award for Key Stage 2 Classes (Yr3-6) is a silver cup with the winners class colours attached.
  • The Awesome Attenders Award for Key Stage 1 Classes (YrR-2) is Attendance Ted. Attendance Ted visits the winning class each week.
KS1 – Term 2
Week Ending:  04/11/16Yellow Class
Week Ending: 11/11/16Blue Class
Week Ending: 18/11/16Gold Class 
Week Ending: 25/11/16 Amber Class
Week Ending: 02/12/16 Amber Class
Week Ending:  
KS2 – Term 2
Week Ending: 04/11/16Indigo Class
Week Ending: 11/11/16Purple Class
Week Ending: 18/11/16Turquoise Class  
Week Ending: 25/11/16 Indigo Class
Week Ending: 02/12/16 Jade Class
Week Ending: