At Queenborough School we have a well-stocked library, with various books suitable for different levels of reading. There are many information books, which many of the children enjoy, especially the animal books. There is also an extensive range of fiction books.

The children have the opportunity to change their books during the lunch hour, once a week according to their year group. The library is run by Year 5 and 6 children during the lunch break. They assist children return books and choose new ones. The exception to this is the Year 1 children who change their books once a week with Mrs. Cook, who overseas the running of the library. Currently the Reception children use book corner books as additional reading and begin using the library in Year 1. 

The children really enjoy using the library. Many appreciate the books available and change their books on a regular basis. They will often feed back to Mrs. Cook about what books they would like to see more of and this helps when considering new books to order.

For many of the themes covered in school, books are available from the library. We try to stock up before the theme and find the children are eager to choose these books.

The children of our school appreciate the library and love the opportunity to spend time choosing books in a welcoming atmosphere. The choices available encourage children in their love of reading, as there is something for everyone.