Admission Information

Admission into Reception Year

If your child is due to start Primary school in September 2023, you can appeal if you are refused a place at one of your preferred schools on National Offer Day (Monday, 17 April 2023).

You need to submit your appeal before Tuesday 16 May 2023 for it to be considered by Thursday 18 July 2023. Any appeals received after this time will be heard within 40 school days from the deadline, or where reasonably possible in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education.

 For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged where reasonably possible in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education.


Our school serves the Queenborough and Rushenden areas of the Isle of Sheppey, but, space permitting, we are very happy to admit children from further afield.

For all admissions we follow Kent County Council policy and apply their admission criteria. Full details are available from the school office. In common with all Kent Schools, we have a policy of ‘early admission’. This means that we offer a place in our Reception class at the start of the academic year in which a child attains the age of five.

Our ‘PAN’ (Pupil Admission Number) is 60 and this means that we can admit up to 60 children in Year R. If there are more children than places, the allocation of places will be according to the following Over-subscription Criteria:

Looked after children
Children with a statement where the statement names a specific school
Brothers/sisters already in the school
Children of staff employed at the school
Nearness of children’s homes / ease of access

Before a child joins Queenborough School and Nursery, we think it is important for the family to come and have a look around the School environment and meet the staff and pupils. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our school.

During Term 6, prior to the beginning of school, we invite new Reception parents to a meeting where we introduce our school, the staff and the curriculum, as well as give key pieces of information to new parents. Further details about admissions will be discussed at this information afternoon.

In Year Admissions

In Year Casual Admissions are admissions which take place outside of the normal entry to school. From 1st September 2013 the Local Authority will no longer co-ordinate In Year applications and parents will apply directly to schools.

The Local Authority has produced a new Single In Year Application Form (IYAF) for applying for an In Year place. On one side parents fill in their details and the back of the form explains the process and informs parents of all their legal rights. Parents return the form to the school and should complete a separate form for each school they want to apply for. Applications cannot be made verbally or via different forms. Please click HERE for a copy of the form.

Every applicant will be given either an offer or refusal letter to explain the outcome of their application. Each application will be processed based on the over-subscription criteria above. This is also the case for offers made from the waiting list.

Admission Forms

Please click on the links below to access the relevant application form.



If a Place is Available

Parents send IYAF
School produces offer letter and sends to parents within 5 school days
Parents accept or refuse the place within 10 school days. Refusal should be given in writing
If a place is accepted the child should start as soon as possible
If a child does not arrive, CME processes are initiated by the school

Please note, if the parent does not reply, a chaser letter is sent by the school after 10 school days. If the school receives no reply after a further five school days the school can withdraw the offer.

If a Place is Not Available

Parents send IYAF
School produces a refusal letter and sends to parents within 5 school days
School waits for 5 school days to see if parents request to join the waiting list and sends completed IYAF to LA