Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Hello, we are the Anti-bullying Ambassadors! 

We are very proud that bullying is not a problem at our school. Our job is to keep our school a bully-free zone so that everybody feels safe and valued. Our behaviour code states: ‘Respect and value every member of our community’ and it is our job to make sure that this happens. If children feel worried or upset about anything, they are able to speak to us and we will try our best to help them sort out their problems. We have regular meetings to talk about how things are going and how we could help people more. 


Who are the Anti-bullying Ambassadors?
  • Finlay Longhurst
  • Jack Austen
  • Josh Arnold
  • Sayyan Eparh-Elad
  • Emily Bridges
  • Chelsey-May Brown
  • Megan Ford
  • Abi Eriskin
  • Brandon May

Below are examples of some of the work we have completed as Anti-bullying Ambassadors:

Anti-bullying Presentation

Celebrities who were bullied and advice from the Anti-bullying Ambassadors