Due to the success of children carrying out tasks related to the themes, we have restructured our homework policy accordingly. At the beginning of each term we will send home a homework sheet containing a list of activities linked to the termly theme.

They will be in 5 categories:

  • Literacy, Numeracy, Physical, Science and Creative. Each area will have 5 or more activities.

Children are asked to complete at least one activity from each area. They will need to record the activity; this can be recorded in anyway they wish.

At the end of each term all homework created will be displayed in the classrooms. Parents will be invited in to see the work on display; children will be able to take their parents to all classes to see what has been produced.

Alongside this we will continue to ask children to read.

Spellings: we will only ask children to learn the high and medium frequency words. There will be no formal testing, but the benefits should be seen in the children’s writing.

Soundwork: the children will be given a sound to investigate. They need to find as many words as possible containing that sound. They can put some on post it notes to display on the class sound wall.

Homework activities need to be completed by the last Monday of each term. There will be a presentation in the classrooms and hall of all work completed.